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Four jailed after campaign of abuse on vulnerable man

December 5, 2012, 6:40 pm

Three men and a woman, who subjected a vulnerable man to a catalogue of abuse using a metal bar and a cricket bat, have been jailed for over 23 years.

Ross Walsh, 30, formerly of Hudson Street, Accrington; Christina Walsh, 37, formerly of Hudson Street, Accrington; Sohail Abbas, 20, of Midland Street, Accrington and Faran Abbas, 18, of Midland Street, Accrington were sentenced at Burnley Crown Court this afternoon (Wednesday 5 December). All four were found guilty to conspiracy to commit GBH with intent after a 12 day trial at Burnley Crown Court.

Ross Walsh was sentenced to ten years imprisonment. Christine Walsh received five years imprisonment. Sohail Abbas was jailed for five years and Faran Abbas was sentenced to three and a half years imprisonment.

They subjected the 29-year-old man, who suffers from learning difficulties, to a month long campaign of assaults using a metal bar and a cricket bat, which resulted in him suffering from 14 fractured ribs, a displaced breast bone, a fracture to his shoulder blade and extensive bruising on his body.

They were arrested in August 2011 after the mans landlord saw he was in pain and took him to Accrington Victoria Hospital.

DC Helen Mercer from Accrington CID said: “This was a horrific case where a vulnerable man with learning difficulties has been subjected to mental, financial and physical abuse resulting in multiple fractures and severe bruising.

“It took him several months to divulge even some of the horror of what he had endured. He thought these people were his friends and so couldnt understand that it was wrong for them to treat him in this way.

“There are no words to describe what they did. They started off as his carer and struck up a friendship with him over eight years before abusing him in the most appalling and dreadful way. It became a wicked game for them.

“It has been extremely distressing for the man and I would like to commend his bravery throughout the trial. He is now safe and well and is being looked after. We have supported him throughout the case and will continue to offer him support for as long as he needs.”

“It has been extremely distressing for the man and I would like to commend his bravery throughout the trial.”

DC Helen Mercer

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