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Words from Liam’s family after 3 of his friends die in RTA

November 19, 2012, 5:22 pm

Firstly we would like to thank everyone for the immense love and support at this time which has given us comfort and strength.

Our hearts go out to the families and friends of Jack, Harry and Ashley for their tragic loss, may they Rest In Peace x.

Liam spent time at Honeylands primary school where these friendships started. After moving away for a short while we came back to Cheshunt. Liam was restless as he started his teens, even though we were only 2 miles from the Elsinge Estate he needed to be there, that was where he belonged, this would cause arguments at home as he would want lifts there and back or would get home late.

His relationship with Jack, Harry and Ashley was similar to a brotherhood. They did everything together, very protective of each other, treating each others Nans, sisters mums etc as their own. Flitting between homes at Christmas and New-Year so they could spend as much time as possible together.

After leaving school Liam secured a job with T Brewers (timber merchant) Enfield, he was now in his element, as he was able stay at his Nan’s and be ‘home as he called it on the Elsinge Estate with his ‘brothers, also it is closer to work.

Liam has a great bond with his brother and sisters, Carla, Sinead and little Jack. Being the typical big brother he would tease them and play fight all the time, which they are missing at the moment.

Since moving to Nan’s he has a very close relationship with his big (little) sister Carla and her partner Patrick, who has become a bit of a role model to him. Towering above his big sister seven years his elder he would pick her up and carry off or put her upside down somewhere. He is so protective of them also when he is in charge he is the man of the house. His personality is as big as he is.

Liam is of free spirit – the sort that sneaks off a cruise liner in the middle of the Med and returns with a tattoo – but you couldn’t be angry for long as he had the knack of saying the right thing at just the right time and putting a smile on anybodys face, which makes him such a loveable young man.

When he has finished with his current battle, he then has to face an epic one, coming to terms with the fact that three of his ‘brothers did not make it, we draw comfort knowing they are around him protecting and preparing him for when he wakes.

We would like to thank all the emergency services for their quick thinking which saved Liam’s life, the doctors and surgeons  and especially the ITU nurses who tend to him 24hrs a day, they are amazing people, each day we have another step all in the right direction, thanks to all these guy’s.

A Loveable young man who will hopefully be back with us soon

We can’t say enough that “Our hearts go out to the families and friends of Jack, Harry and Ashley for their tragic loss, may they Rest In Peace x”

From Liam’s mum, dad and all the family.

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