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Whaley Bridge kids clock in for school Speed Watch

November 28, 2012, 1:33 pm

Primary school children proved a class act as they took to the streets to clamp down on speeding motorists.

More than 20 youngsters from Whaley Bridge Primary School were invited to take part in a Speed Watch session by the towns Safer Neighbourhood Team.

They were shown how to use a speed gun to check how fast drivers were travelling along the 30mph Buxton Road, directly outside the school.

More than 100 drivers had their speeds clocked by the children, with none caught driving over 33mph.

PC Ellen Barlow, from the team, said: “The children all really enjoyed having a go with the speed gun and seeing how fast the cars were going.

“It was also a great way for us to talk to them about road safety and why they should always be careful when walking near roads.”

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