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Warning After Bogus Caller Turned Away By Cookley Pensioner

November 14, 2012, 3:38 pm

Police have issued a fresh warning about bogus callers after an incident at Cookley in which a pensioner turned away man from her doorstep.

The man claimed to have been sent by the council to repair a kitchen light when he called at the house in Staite Drive at about 9.45pm on Monday (12 November). A woman living there, who is in her 70s, was immediately suspicious as it is not a council property and sent him away without opening the door.

However the incident was not reported to the police until yesterday (Tuesday) when the pensioner told her daughter about it.

Detective Sergeant Duncan Smith, from the anti-burglary team at Kidderminster CID, said: “The woman was worried about bothering the police, so she didn’t call us, but we would urge anyone in this situation to ring us immediately every time.

“If you are not happy that a caller is genuine then it’s crucial that you contact us at the time and the same applies if you live in a neighbourhood and see something you are not happy with. It could be a vehicle that is parked outside an address in unusual circumstances, someone looking over fences or just hanging about. Telling us will enable us to check it out and minutes can make all the difference in terms of catching offenders at the scene.”

Det Sgt Lloyd said that it was believed the incident at Cookley was an attempt to gain entry in order to steal from the property and he urged anyone who had a similar visit or saw someone going door-to-door there on Monday night to get in touch.

He added: “Posing as a council workman or water board official is a regular ploy used by distraction burglars who often work in teams target homes where they think older people live who may be more vulnerable to this type of offence.

“Typically one person will talk their way in saying they need to check pipes or taps and will keep the householder occupied while they or an accomplice sneaks in to search and steal cash or property from other rooms.

“Fortunately the caller was turned away at Cookley but people need to be on their guard as that area has been targeted before.

“Genuine utility workers will have identification with them and will not mind waiting outside while people verify who they are with their employer. Until you are positive that they are who they say they are they should not be allowed in under any circumstances. And if you don’t believe they are genuine, call us.”

Anyone with information about distraction offenders in Wyre Forest should call police on 101, or contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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