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Tenants behaving badly run eviction risk

November 28, 2012, 12:09 pm

Problem tenants who commit crime or plague neighbours with yobbish behaviour risk being evicted from their home.

Thats the warning from Birmingham police and council after a property was seized from a Stechford man convicted of assaulting his ex-partner with a curtain pole.

Marvin Trevis also ran a cannabis farm from his Latelow Road home and persistently blighted the lives of neighbours with his aggressive, intimidating behaviour.

The 22-year-old was jailed for 21 months at a court hearing in October – and this week was formally evicted from his home.

His old house is now emblazoned with a notice saying “due to community concerns this property has been closed”.

Sergeant Chris Brown, pictured outside the property, said: “The sign says it all: people said they were unhappy with the tenants behaviour and we’ve acted by throwing him out.

“It will come as a great relief in a community whose lives hes negatively impacted upon. Police and ambulances pulling up outside the property were a regular sight for neighbours…and no doubt they would also have seen drug users and dealers visiting the house.

“No-one should be forced to accept anti-social behaviour on their doorstep. As weve shown in this case we do act on community concerns and can make a genuine difference to peoples lives.

“Tenants need to appreciate that their poor behaviour wont be tolerated – and there are wider implications of their actions, in addition to court punishments, such as being evicted from their home.”

The seizure follows an intervention by the Tackling Families who Undermine Neighbourhoods (TFUN) unit – a specialist team consisting of police, Birmingham Community Safety Partnership, city council and probation officers, dedicated to combating problem families in communities across the West Midlands.

TFUN secured an injunction which bans Trevis from a large part of east Birmingham, including the Lea Hall area, upon his prison release and from trying to contact his victim.

Cllr James McKay, Cabinet Member for a Safe, Smart & Green City, said: “Weve shown that a partnership approach to tackling problem families – involving the police and the city council – has real teeth and can make a difference in communities.

“Id particularly like to thank local residents for their courage and determination to create a better neighbourhood.”

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