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STC Supports Anti-Bullying Week

November 19, 2012, 3:05 pm

This week (19th – 23rd November) London’s Safer Transport Teams will be carrying out increased youth engagement in support of Anti-Bullying Week.

Teams across London will be visiting schools, colleges and setting up engagement stalls to offer young people travel safety advice and provide reassurance. The teams will also be offering advice on how to deal with

This work is part of the wider Safe Travel for All initiative carried out by the MPS Safer Transport Command in partnership with Transport for London and policing partners British Transport Police and City of London Police.

Safe Travel for All is an initiative that aims to provide reassurance and install confidence in those who may feel vulnerable whilst travelling.

Included in this work is regular positive youth engagement recognising that travelling on the transport network can sometimes be daunting for young people and that they can often be the victims, and not the perpetrators of crime.

The Safer Transport Teams help to provide a forum for young people to talk about any issues affecting their travel, including bullying. They provide travel safety and crime prevention advice whilst also warning young people of the consequences of bad behaviour on the transport network, including the withdrawal of free travel.

With young people having more positive interaction with their local Safer Transport Team it is hoped that they will feel confident about reporting crime and anti-social behaviour.

Chief Superintendent Sultan Taylor said: “Safe Travel for All is great way of reaching vulnerable transport users, including young people. By supporting Anti-Bullying week we can help young people feel empowered and confident about challenging this type of behaviour and give them advice on who to turn to if they are experiencing bullying and how to report any issues or concerns about their transport network.”

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