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Pupils And Police Call Time On Alcohol

November 19, 2012, 11:55 am

Police officers from the Bradford Safer Schools Partnership are outlining the facts on alcohol in a hard hitting presentation for pupils.

They’re working to increase awareness of the potential short and long term harms associated with its excessive use.

It comes as Alcohol Awareness Week begins in the District which runs between the 19th and 25th November.

Sergeant Phil Stead is a Bradford District Substance Misuse Co-ordinator and said:

“The presentation will provide the pupils with bite size pieces of information which explain the effects of alcohol and is supported by national statistics.

“If we provide young people with the facts, it allows them to make their own informed decisions on the subject.

“For instance, we highlight the consequences on health such as the impact it can have on the development of the brain in young people, its effect on the liver and also the heart.

“We also reveal the statistics for teenage fatalities from alcohol related car crashes and the mortality rate among young people as a result of alcohol. Likewise, we underline the implications and connections to crime, in particular anti social behaviour.

“We also give them the tools to do something about any concerns they may have or worries about their lives at home. This includes contact details for agencies they can speak to in order to get help on any given issue.

“By educating young people at an early stage of their lives, we can make a genuine difference to their future and the future of the District.

“This early intervention will hopefully encourage their understanding of alcohol, enabling them to share what they have learned with their family and friends.”

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