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Project Captivate arrives in Balsall Heath

November 19, 2012, 11:37 am

Residents in Balsall Heath will see lots of activity in the community in the run up to Christmas as police and partners launch Project Captivate.

The intense six week long campaign will see police working with local schools, neighbourhood groups, Birmingham city council and youth groups to focus on the problems that affect the local community.

Police will be focusing on specific crime issues including robbery, vehicle crime, burglary and drugs and will also be working with partners to look at the wider ranging social issues such as environmental concerns.

CCTV, dispersal orders and alcohol restrictions zones also form part of the project which has been developed alongside local community group, the Balsall Heath Forum.

There will be a ‘community clean up day where local residents will work alongside local agencies to physically clean up problem areas.

Anti-social behaviour will also be a focus, with increased patrols in hot spot areas and promotion of the Safe Haven scheme to encourage youngsters to use local youth clubs and activities rather than hanging around the streets.

Sergeant Scott Taylor who is leading the project for the police said: “This is an opportunity for us to focus on a relatively small area and make a real difference.

“There is a really strong sense of community in Balsall Heath that we are keen to tap in to and use to help us make some improvements, whether that is bringing crime down, cleaning up areas or giving the kids somewhere to go on during the evening.

“We appreciate the support we‘ve already received from the community and groups such as Balsall Heath forum and really value their views on what matters most to our residents.

“Although this project is an intense six week burst of activity, the plans we put in place for this will continue as long as they make a difference.”

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