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Police boxing project has Solihull youngsters hooked

November 28, 2012, 11:57 am

Officers from the Chelmsley Wood neighbourhood policing team are hoping to deliver a knockout blow to anti-social behaviour with the help of a boxing project.

And teaming up with them in the ‘blue corner is Birmingham born Wayne Elcock, who will be helping youngsters in the Craig Croft area to become ‘Box Clever.

The Box Clever scheme aims to not only improve fitness but to also help youngsters with discipline, respect, motivation and prevent them from becoming engaged in anti-social behaviour.

Former British middleweight champion Wayne Elcock is ideally placed to speak to the youngsters about the benefits of boxing. As well as two decades of experience in the ring, Wayne openly admits that the sport helped him turn his life around.

In his younger days Waynes nickname was ‘Mad Dog and he uses his personal experience as part of his teaching during the boxing lessons.

He said: “For some youngsters, who are in danger of going off track, boxing could be their saviour.

“Ive seen the benefits boxing can provide for youngsters who might otherwise have been on the streets. It teaches young people many things about themselves and others at a time in their lives when focus, concentration and discipline are of prime importance.”

Box Clever involves absolutely no contact. It simply uses the skills, methods and training disciplines designed by Wayne, used successfully in similar projects across the West Midlands.

Acting Sergeant Steph Rolfe, who leads the team responsible for policing the Chelmsley Wood area, teamed up with Chris Edgell from Solihull Councils Neighbourhood Activity Programme to set up the project with Wayne.

After just a handful of box clever sessions Sergeant Rolfe is already seeing the difference the scheme is having for local young people:

“Following the first session parents contacted us to comment how much their children had enjoyed themselves. The project also provides a great chance for the team to meet the young people we work to keep safe, and break down any barriers that may exist.

“Anti-social behaviour is often raised as the issue that affects peoples feeling of safety in our community. In response to this locally we have been working with residents and businesses to secure a dispersal order in the town centre.

“As part of this work we also spoke to young people who complained that there wasnt anything to do locally. Box Clever is just the start of our work to maximise opportunities for the young members of this community.”

To find out more about the project contact officers from the Chelmsley Wood neighbourhood policing team on 101.

101 – The police non-emergency number

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