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‘Police and Crime Commissioners are the glue that will bind the Rehabilitation Revolution together’ – Chris Grayling

November 20, 2012, 2:13 pm

Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) must be at the heart of the ‘Rehabilitation Revolution, drawing a range of partners and agencies together to reduce reoffending, Justice Secretary Chris Grayling told the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners during Q&A following his speech to an invited audience in London this morning.

Asked “What are PCC’s roles within the rehabilitation revolution?” by Mark Castle, Chief Executive of the APCC (Association of Police and Crimes Commissioners) Transitional Board, Chris Grayling replied “PCCs are glue that binds it all together!” and went on to describe the crucial role that PCCs have in catalysing cooperation between all those working to reduce reoffending.

Chairman of the APCC Transitional Board, Simon Duckworth commented:

“PCCs important role goes beyond policing. Their ability to draw together a wide range of agencies to tackle not only crime but its causes will be a boon for communities and help to deflect young offenders from crime. As soon as they take office on Thursday, 22 November, PCCs will be able to respond to public priorities across the criminal justice and community safety systems. From cutting red tape to cutting reoffending, PCCs can deliver a revolution in the way that crime is tackled across England and Wales.”

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