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Police Advice on GHB Drug – Don’t Be Tempted

November 19, 2012, 3:21 pm

Inspector Rik Klair, the officer in charge of policing in Oswestry and north Shropshire, said usage and availability of GHB in the area had decreased during the past 18 months.

“This is largely due to joint enforcement actions by the police and education advice  provided by health and local authority agencies.

“However, GHB is still being supplied in the area and remains available even though the problem has reduced in recent months.”

He urged people to think twice before using the drug.  “There have been at least two deaths in the area attributed to GHB.  I have seen what it does and it is not a pretty sight.  Please do not be tempted.”

His warning comes as the Christmas/New Year party season is about to get underway.

“GHB is an extremely dangerous substance with sedative and anaesthetic effects.  It is made from industrial chemicals which can have lasting damaging effects on users and can prove fatal.

“There have been at least two deaths in the area linked to the use of GHB as well as a number of life-threatening incidents with people being admitted to hospital in a critical condition.  Some of the side effects are quite horrendous – unconsciousness, convulsions, seizures and vomiting.”

Inspector Klair said drug addicts found it more difficult to break a GHB habit than heroin.  “People turn to GHB because it is relatively cheap but most do not realise how dangerous and addictive it is”.

He added: “I strongly advise people not to be tempted.  Anyone wishing to get help in breaking a drug habit should contact the community substance-misuse team on 01743-258800.”

Councillor Steve Charmley Cabinet Member with responsibilities for Public Protection said;

“We are determined to stop the damage this drug is causing not only to users, but to local communities which have to suffer the anti-social behaviour of those under its influence. Our multi-agency team comprising of Shropshire Council, West Mercia Police, the director of public health and the Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) are continuing their co-ordinated response in tackling GHB usage and the issues associated with the drug.”

Councillor Keith Barrow, leader of the council and local member for Oswestry South said;

“We are determined to do everything we can, together with our partners, to safeguard our local communities from this dangerous substance and are addressing and responding quickly to local residents who are concerned about their local neighbourhood.”

“I am very pleased there has been a significant reduction in the supply and usage of GHB in particularly the Oswestry area in recent months. This is as result of our on-going enforcement and educational initiatives.”

Councillor Vince Hunt, local member for Oswestry West and member of the Place Based Place Based Intervention programme which works with drug users, also commented saying;

“I would ask people to stop and ask themselves why they would want to take a drug that destroys if not ends lives in the most gruesome way. Aim to have a good Christmas, this year and for years to come. Stay GHB free.”

Contact West Mercia Police on 101 if you have information about GHB use or other illegal drug activity in your neighbourhood, or call the anonymous Crimestoppers charity on 0800 555 111.

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