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PCC Commissioners: The Campaign is Over, Time for the Talking to Stop

November 16, 2012, 12:22 pm

Speaking after the close of the polls, Derek Barnett President of the Police Superintendents Association of England and Wales said;

“Today heralds a historic and radical change to the way that the Police Service in this country is governed. I congratulate all of the successful candidates, each of whom now faces the huge challenge of setting police budgets in a tremendously harsh financial climate; dealing with some difficult decisions on using the private sector to support the police, and in working with Chief Constables to articulate the views about policing on behalf of the public. The arguments used by supporters and opponents, and some candidates, during the campaign was sadly, on occasions, damaging to the reputation of what is widely regarded as the most ethical, corruption free and effective police service in the world. It is now time for the talking to stop and to allow the new Commissioners to quickly establish a strong, professional and respectful relationship with their Chief Constables; and to allow the police to get on with the job of protecting our communities and fighting crime.

In a number of police forces there will be an early process to appoint a new Chief Constable. We have some of the finest leaders in policing comparable to the best in the public and private sectors, both here and internationally. I am confident that we have excellent candidates who are prepared to accept the responsibility of leading our police forces. The legislation that created the new Commissioners is quite clear in enshrining the operational independence of Chief Constables. The Superintendents Association represents the senior operational leaders of the police service and we look forward to working with the new Commissioners; however, we will monitor closely how PCCs discharge their responsibilities over the coming months.

The election of the Commissioners coupled with the creation of the new College of Policing, which becomes effective in two weeks time, offers us a unique opportunity to clearly focus on making the Police Service in England and Wales even better at serving our communities, protecting the vulnerable and safeguarding the human rights and civil liberties that we all hold so dearly.”

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