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Pair jailed for robbing man and holding him captive

November 27, 2012, 1:00 pm

Two men who robbed and imprisoned another man they had befriended have been jailed.

Justin Paul Worthington (02/06/1974), of Bromwich Street, Bolton, and Callum John Hulme (16/11/1988), of Thistleton Road, Bolton, both admitted robbery and unlawful imprisonment.

At Bolton Crown Court on Monday 26 November 2012, they each were sentenced to five years and four months in prison.

On Tuesday 7 August 2012, the victim, a 40 year-old man, arrived at Bolton train station having arrived from Glasgow.

He approached the defendants at the train station and asked them for a light. He then asked where he could purchase alcohol and the pair took him to a nearby supermarket, where he purchased two bottles of vodka.

The three then decided to go back to Worthington’s, where they spent the evening drinking.

The victim woke early the following morning and told the defendants he was going.

As he was making his way down some stairs Worthington and Hulme came out of the flat and started assaulting him.

The assault caused the victim to lose consciousness.

When he came around they demanded his bank cards and told him they would kill him if there was no money in the account to withdraw.

Hulme stayed with the man while Worthington went to a nearby cash machine.

When he returned he threatened the victim as there was no money in his account.

The victim handed another bank card over before the two assaulted him again and then took him into Worthington’s flat where they tied him up with a TV lead.

Worthington returned to the cash machine and withdrew £300, half of which he gave to Hulme.

Worthington left and the victim only managed to free himself and escape when Hulme fell asleep.

He went to a nearby address and called emergency services.

Police attended and Hulme was arrested inside the flat.

Worthington was arrested later.

Detective Constable Steve Riddle, said: “The victim was befriended by Worthington and Hulme at Bolton train station and his first impressions of the defendants would have been that of two friendly, helpful local lads.

“Sadly, they used him to purchase alcohol and when he decided he was going to leave they set about seriously assaulting him and even threatened to inject him with heroin.

“They imprisoned him in the flat and the victim was genuinely in fear of his life throughout.

“It was a needless and cowardly act by two men who picked on and outnumbered a stranger from out of town in order to simply get a free drink and cash.

“The sentences reflect the severity of their actions and both men will now have time in prison to reflect on what they have done.”

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