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Operation Safebus slashes crime

November 14, 2012, 5:18 pm

The MPS Safer Transport Command (STC), in partnership with Transport for
London, again continued to ensure the safety of the travelling public
during the Bonfire Night and Hallowe’en period through Operation

From 26 October to 5 November 2012, STC Safer Transport Team (STTs)
carried out an intensive, pan-London engagement programme through high
visibility patrols on and around the bus network to help young people as
well as other members of the community to stay safe and deter any
anti-social behaviour.

STT officers visited schools, universities and youth centres to
distribute crime prevention and travel safety advice leaflets. They also
held crime prevention role plays and workshops for people with physical
and learning disabilities and worked in partnership with TfL Revenue
Protection Inspectors (RPIs).

This autumn phase of Operation Safebus saw a 27 per cent reduction in
bus-related robbery and snatch offences compared to the same period (26
October to 5 November) last year.

Overall bus crime since May 2008 has reduced by 34 per cent on London’s
buses thanks to STC operations such as Safebus. The most recent crime
statistics for 2011/12 gathered by Transport for London (TfL) and the
MPS show that compared to the same period last year, crimes committed on
or around the bus network in London have been reduced by 9.4 per cent
which means there have been 2,250 less offences.

The statistics also show the most significant reductions have been:

Theft on the bus network down by nine per cent

Violent crime against a person on the bus network down by 14 per cent

Bus passengers should feel better protected than ever before as TfL has
installed CCTV on every London bus. There are now 75,000 cameras on
8,500 buses.

Chief Superintendent Sultan Taylor, Safer Transport Command, said: “The
Safer Transport Command has the primary aim of safeguarding the
travelling public from criminals and to keep them safe whilst using
London’s bus system.

“Through Operation Safebus we can carry out concentrated reassurance and
engagement with public young people to provide them with travel safety
advice and deter crime.”

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