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Four guilty of Ilford murder

November 22, 2012, 2:28 pm

A group who stabbed and chased a 17-year-old male and left him to die in
an Ilford car park have been found guilty at the Old Bailey.

Kelvin Chibueze (dob 19.10.93) of New Addington, was attacked as trouble
broke out during a private party at the Arteflex Club, just off the High
Road, Ilford in the early hours of 15 August 2011. Kelvin received a
stab wound during the clash, but managed to run from the venue in the
company of others. He was pursued by a group across the High Road into
Ilford Retail Park where he collapsed. Kelvin was taken to hospital but
died later that day.

A post-mortem examination on 17 August at East Ham Mortuary gave the
cause of death as a single stab wound to the heart.

The court heard how Kelvin had attended the party with a group of
friends, arriving at the venue at approx 0200hrs. Shortly after, a group
including Dale Williams and Lerone Boye arrived at the venue having been
driven there by Roger Damali.

At approx 0400hrs a fight broke out between Kelvin’s group and another
group of males – including Williams and Boye. It is believed that during
this altercation Kelvin was stabbed.

The fight sparked a rush of people attempting to flee the venue,
including Kelvin and his group. Once outside the venue, a group
including Williams, Boye and Hugo Nwankwo pursued Kelvin’s group into
the car park of Ilford Retail Park. Kelvin, who had been heard to
complain that he couldn’t breathe, collapsed in the car park and was set
upon by the group who had now been joined by Ibrahim Zakari.

Officers then arrived on scene and the assailants fled, leaving Kelvin
dying on the ground. CCTV showed the group fleeing the scene in various
directions. Williams was stopped in nearby Riches Road and was arrested
in connection with the incident.

A bloodstained knife was also recovered having been discarded in the
garden of a house on Riches Road – the blood was Kelvin’s.

Subsequent analysis of CCTV and forensic examinations tied the suspects
to both the club and the car park. Phone records also showed that the
suspects, although all present inside the club, were in continual
contact with each other in the time leading up to the attack on Kelvin,
suggesting this was a premeditated attack.

Detective Sergeant Mark Romain of the Homicide and Serious Crime Command

“Kelvin Chibueze was ruthlessly attacked, chased and left to die in the
early hours of 15 August. The violence used brutally ended a young man’s
life and showed scant regard for the safety of others in this busy

“I would like to thank everyone who came forward to assist with this
investigation and helped convict these violent thugs. I hope today’s
verdict offers some kind of closure to Kelvin’s family and friends.”

Details of convictions:

Sentencing for [E] Lerone Michael Boye, [A] Dale Williams, [B] Roger
Damali and [D] Hugo Nwankwo has been set for 20 December at the Old

The following were found guilty of the murder of Kelvin Chibueze on 15
August 2011, and violent disorder:

[E] Lerone Michael Boye, dob 24/05/1986, age 26, of Evelyn Dennington
Road, Beckton

[A] Dale Williams, dob 03/11/1991, age 21, of Harts Lane, Dagenham

[B] Roger Damali, dob 30/05/1981, age 31, of Macaulay Road, Beckton

[D] Hugo Nwankwo, dob 14/11/1994, age 18, of Cowbridge Lane, Barking

The following male was found guilty of violent disorder:

[F] Ibrahim Zakari, 21 (30/10/1991), of Lexham Houses, St Margarets,
Barking, was this afternoon sentenced to two years imprisonment for
violent disorder.

Sentencing of Zakari will take place at the Old Bailey this afternoon,
the other four will be sentenced in December on a date to be confirmed.

Pictured Below: Victim, Kelvin Chibueze

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