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Behind the scenes on Operation Relentless

November 20, 2012, 11:15 am

While officers are involved in highly visible enforcement action to arrest criminals, behind the scenes a dynamic operation is underway to support the frontline officers.

As well as a bank of communications officers taking calls and information from members of the public, they are also despatching officers to execute the search and arrest warrants.

Staff in the Criminal Justice Department (CJD) are also providing invaluable support.

More than 60 staff are supporting the Relentless operation through statement-taking, liaising with members of the public to promote the operation, by distributing information leaflets and also provide reassurance.

They are also assisting in prisoner transportation, liaising with partner criminal justice organisations as well as overseeing the force custody provision.

Other members of the CJD are providing advice and guidance for investigations, as well carrying out identification procedures.

Additionally, staff are assisting at courts throughout the force area as suspects are arrested and charged to court.

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