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Barnsley man sentenced to 12 months imprisonment under the Proceeds of Crime Act

November 21, 2012, 4:40 pm

Shane Darlington from Barnsley was sentenced to 12 months in prison on Monday, 12 November, 2012 due to the Proceeds of Crime Act after a hearing at Sheffield Magistrates Court.

Back in 2010 28-year-old Shane Darlington was convicted of money laundering and went to prison for two years.  The proceeds of crime act ensured that the police received £147,000 of his money.

In 2011, as a result of the above sentence, a confiscation order was made against him where the court ordered that he pay a further £90,000 or go back to prison.  He only paid £30,000 of the full amount.

At the hearing, the judge was satisfied that the house Shane Darlington owned should have been sold and the money used to satisfy the order.  After enquiries by the South Yorkshire Police Financial Investigation Unit it appeared that he had failed to comply with money laundering regulations and the property had not been put up for sale. The investigation also concluded that Shane Darlington could pay the order but was clearly stalling.

Detective Constable Steve Ramsbottom said: “Shane Darlington was probably expecting the court hearing to be adjourned allowing him time to pay.  He was not expecting his day to end in prison.

Once the balance of £60,000 is paid, he will be released.   However, if he refuses to pay or cannot find the funds then the 12 month sentence will stay in force and the balance will still be outstanding on his release.  The funding must come from a legitimate source or this money could also be seized and the balance will still be outstanding.

South Yorkshire Police will have taken £237,000 from Shane Darlington and he could serve three years imprisonment for his crimes.  Should he come into further money in the future, we still have the powers to seize up to a further £200,000.

For anyone thinking that crime pays they should think again as it can mean not only a prison sentence, but also prove very costly in paying back what they have gained from illegal activities.”

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