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Video Poem Launches Anti-Bullying Campaign Message.

November 19, 2012, 11:49 am

Kirklees police and a Scissett school have leant their support to anti-bullying week by producing a poem and video that will be released on the internet today.

Earlier this year PC Sally Baines of the Kirkburton and Denby Dale NPT asked students of Scissett Middle School to write poems to support Anti-Bullying Week, The theme for this year’s campaign is ‘We’re better off without bullying’.

Sally received 250 entries and, after reading them all, picked a winner that was penned by 11-year old Ellie Barron.

After picking the winner, Sally then invited children from shools across the Denby Dale and Kirkburton areas to take part in making a film to support the poem. The film shows children from the different schools reading seperate lines from the poem, which reads:

‘They all try to look the same,

All try to give themselves a name.

Pick on the boy who is all alone,

Just because his identitiy is his own.

What has this come to?

All this wrong that people do.

Just for the image they want to show,

Down the evil path they seem to go.

The next person you go to hurt,

Or try to make feel like dirt.

Instead of trying to look cool,

Feel for the guy you make look a fool.

A cool identity isn’t a need,

Let those you bully be freed.

Your idenitiy should be your own,

A better person you will be known.

We’re better off without bullies,

Did you know?’

PC Baines said: “I was overwhelmed to have received over 250 entries to this competition and there were some really excellent entries. Ellie’s was the one that stood out though and deserved to be made into the film.

“Bullying is a serious issue and something that the police will investigate. It is important that bullies realise this as well and that we will work with schools to tackle the issue where it takes place.

“Anti-bullying week is a great campaign to help drive this message home and we hope that people will see the video and help spread the anti-bullying message.”

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