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250 Handbags Recovered

November 28, 2012, 2:49 pm

A haul of handbags have been seized from a London flat following a search executed by a team of theft investigation detectives.
The 253 handbags and purses (pictured) and 10 pairs of sunglasses are believed to have been stolen from customers at cafes, restaurants and bars in the City of London and the West End.

Detectives are reviewing recent reports of thefts from these areas with a view to reuniting victims with their belongings.
With the Christmas party season approaching, the City of London Police is reminding people celebrating in the Square Mile to safeguard their belongings from thieves.

Sgt Grahame Mace, whose team recovered the haul, said: “Handbags often contain a number of financially valuable or sentimental items.

“Each time a handbag is stolen, women are said to face an average bill of £109 to replace the item and its contents. However, nearly one in ten women carry a bag worth £250 or more*.

“You can help prevent your handbag from being stolen by keeping it close to you – this may sound obvious but unfortunately the handbag left unattended on the back of a chair or on the floor is a prime target for an opportunist thief.”

Detectives are working with venues in the Square Mile to raise staff and customers awareness of how they can prevent thefts.

Rabah Azzoug appeared at City of London Magistrates Court on Monday (26 November 2012) charged with 11 counts of theft. The 35-year-old from Peckham in London will appear at magistrates court again in January 2013.

*Direct Line Insurance Research 2009.

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