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Turn heat up on cannabis growers

September 19, 2012, 12:52 pm

Officers turn up the heat on drugs in their community

CANNABIS worth ten thousand pounds has been seized in Solihull following information from the local community.

Solihull Police, with support from the Air Operations Unit, executed the warrant at a house in Marston Green yesterday (Tuesday 18 September) after being contacted by concerned members of the public.

The force helicopter flew over the property and identified a large heat source, a tell tale sign of the high power ultra violet lamps used to grow cannabis.

Twenty large plants were found growing in the rear bedroom along with hydroponic equipment.

Commenting on the seizure of the drugs, PC Daniel Bluck, said: “Regardless of our role, officers across the force are determined to tackle the issues that matter to our communities and make them feel safer.

“The chain that could have linked these drugs to other crime in the area, as they were sold and used locally, has now been broken.

“On this occasion, colleagues from our Air Operations Unit joined us to act on information about drugs being grown. On other occasions colleagues from the Dog Unit have helped us search properties and Traffic Officers have stopped cars linked to drugs and criminality.

“Often, the action we take follows an initial call from a member of the public who provides vital information on those in their community linked to criminal activity. We will always act on the information provided to us so please let us know if crime is affecting you or your family.”

A 40 year old man was arrested and is currently on police bail as the investigation continues.

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