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West Mercia Police: 16 drugs dealers jailed in one day

September 25, 2012, 6:31 pm

As part of a major operation by West Mercia Police to tackle drug dealing in Worcester, 16 people have been sentenced to a total of 45 years and eight months in prison today.

Richard JohnsonMohammed SadiqOperation Dorado saw the force’s Serious and Organised Crime Unit target the supply of heroin and cocaine to local dealers in Worcester by organised crime groups from the West Midlands.

Today’s sentences are just the first of three days that will see more people sentenced at Worcester Crown Court for conspiracy to supply drugs.

Operation Dorado started with a covert phase that took many months with detectives collecting evidence against criminals from the West Midlands and street dealers in Worcester. This included an undercover officer, referred to in court only as ‘Danny’ infiltrating the drugs community in Worcester and over four months purchasing cocaine and heroin from many different dealers.

Muddsiar ShabirRohan Hanchard-KerrThis work culminated in more than 150 officers taking part in 35 warrants over two days in May in Worcester, Birmingham and the Black Country. Further arrests and charges occurred in the following weeks.

In a lengthy hearing at Worcester Crown Court today, Recorder Andrew Easteal sentenced all 16 and dealt with other Operation Dorado defendants who have pleaded not guilty and will go on trial in the coming months.

He said of the operation, “I have only admiration for enormous the amount of work that has been done and how it was carried out by officers from West Mercia Police and the prosecuting team from the CPS.

“I would also like to express my thanks for the test purchase officer known as Danny for his work and for quite literally putting his life on the line.”

Neil JonesJamal Al GhaniDetective Inspector Carl Moore, who led the operation, said: “Operation Dorado was a complex and longstanding investigation that was launched following concerns raised by residents in Worcester, in particular about street dealing.

“Although the issue of drugs is no more of a problem in Worcester than it is elsewhere in the country, the unlawful supply of controlled drugs by organised gangs has a real impact on all of our communities.  The misuse of drugs is a factor in many other types of crimes, for example burglary, and we are determined to deal with those who seek to profit from this type of organised criminality.

Matthew WrightMohammed Khaled Hussain”During this investigation we specifically targeted those organising the drug supply in order that we could have the biggest impact on those who were profiting the most.

“Dorado aimed to not just tackle street dealers but the organised crime groups who were supplying them with heroin and cocaine. I hope that the sentences being handed out at court will serve as a real deterrent to others involved in the supply of controlled drugs.

“Many different specialist departments and units have taken part in Dorado and we have worked closely with colleagues from West Midlands Police and British Transport Police, sharing intelligence and resources to ensure there is no hiding place for those intent on profiting from other people’s misery.”

Simon SliwinskiCheryl Mapp

Those sentenced today all pleaded guilty to at least one count of conspiracy to supply Class A drugs. They were:

  • Richard Johnson, date of birth 02/02/1978, Barbourne Road, Worcester, was sentenced to five years and four months imprisonment;
  • Mohammed Sadiq, 06/04/1986, Wavers Marston, Birmingham, was sentenced to five years and four months;
  • Rohan Hanchard-Kerr, 20/06/1991, Clark Road, Wolverhampton, was sentenced to four years and four months;
  • Muddsiar Shabir, 29/07/1980, Friesland Close, Worcester, was sentenced to three years and eight months;
  • Neil Jones, 28/08/1978, Doverdale Close, Redditch, was sentenced to three years and six months;
  • Jamal Al Ghani (Previously John Harriott), 12/09/1987, Nibley Close, Warndon, Worcester, was sentenced to three years;
  • Mohammed Khaled Hussain, 21/10/1987, Arboretum Road, Worcester, was sentenced to three years;
  • Matthew Wright, 15/05/1986, Tolladine Road, Worcester, was sentenced to two years and ten months;
  • Cheryl Mapp, 22/07/1981, Doverdale Close, Redditch, was sentenced to two years and ten months;
  • Simon Sliwinski, 02/08/1972, No Fixed Abode, was sentenced to two years;
  • John-Pierre Francis, 03/06/1977, Wylds Lane, Worcester, was sentenced to two years;
  • Gary Griffin, 01/08/1979, Crickley Drive, Worcester, was sentenced to 20 months;
  • Michael Juson, 16/04/1967, Of No Fixed Abode, was sentenced to 20 months;
  • Leighton Bowkett, 17/05/1973, Brookthorpe Close, Warndon, Worcester, was sentenced to 20 months;
  • Mark Machae, 17/08/1973, Gresham Rd, Dines Green, Worcester, was sentenced to 20 months;
  • Jason George, 31/12/1983, Sansome Walk, Worcester, was sentenced to 16 months;

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