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Two Police Officers To Take Part In Ultra Marathon

September 21, 2012, 1:26 pm

Two Wellington Police Officers are set to take part in a momentous challenge by running an ultra-marathon to raise cash for a charity which helps child victims of crime.Inspector Langton and Constable Milburn Are Ready For Their Ultra-Marathon

Inspector Richard Langton and Police Constable Brad Milburn will be taking part in the epic 57 mile ultra-marathon race from London to Brighton on Sunday 30 September.

The pair, who have been training extremely hard by completing at least 50 miles per week, will set off from Blackheath at 6am and hope to cover the huge distance in around 10 hours.

All money raised from their efforts will be given to the charity Child Victims of Crime.

Inspector Langton, who completed the Wolverhampton marathon in 3 hours 34 minutes three weeks ago, said they were looking forward to competing but were still a bit anxious.

He said: “Brad and I are no strangers to endurance events but the London to Brighton Ultra is way beyond anything either of us has done before. We’ve both been training hard for the event but so much of this challenge is a venture into the unknown. We have both run distances exceeding 30 miles and know what that feels like, but I have to admit to being a little worried about the distance.”

To make the challenge that bit more difficult, runners are also expected to navigate their route, mostly across country including roads, paths and tracks, and arrive at checkpoints ahead of the cut off times.

Inspector Langton added: “One of the other big challenges is to be able to eat and drink on the run. We’ll both be burning something like 8,000 calories during the race and we’ll have to put back in as much as we can to have the fuel to sustain us to the end.

“Assuming we manage to make it to Brighton, we’re looking forward to wading out into the cold sea water to help ease our muscles.”

All of the money raised by the two officers will be given to charity Child Victims of Crime. The charity aims to provide material and therapeutic support for children up to the age of 16 who have been a victim of, or traumatised by any criminal offence committed within the UK.

Inspector Langton said the charity was very close to his and Constable Milburn’s hearts and urged people to dig deep and pledge money.

He said: “Child Victims of Crime is such a worthwhile charity, and is particularly close to our hearts as police officers. They seek to put a smile back on the faces of children in the UK who have been a victim of, or traumatised by a crime. Recipients are all nominated by police officers and the charity is proud of the fact that they have never turned anyone down.

“However, they need your help in order to do this and we would welcome any donations via our fundraising page, which is Alternatively, please contact Richard or Brad by calling 101 or pop into Wellington Police Station.

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