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Northumbria: Police and Partners Give Clear Sign To Shed Burglars

September 21, 2012, 9:52 am

Police in South Tyneside have teamed up with partners to give a clear sign to shed burglars.

Officers are once again giving out signs which can be attached to residents’ sheds letting would-be burglars know that no bikes or other items of value are stored inside.

The signs will be given to previous victims of shed burglary and those living in areas affected by the crime. They were made possible through Safer South Tyneside funding.

Officers are also continuing to patrol in identified areas to deter and target thieves. As well as using the signs, they are urging people to secure their gardens and sheds to keep would-be thieves at bay.

Inspector Peter Sutton said: “We continue to focus our attentions on areas where thieves are known to have struck.

“The signs have worked well in the past and are yet another tool in our efforts to cut shed break-ins.

“However, we do still need the public’s help and would urge them to take responsibility for their property by ensuring their sheds are secure and where possible, to refrain from storing high value items inside.

“If there is a need to do so, make sure the property is marked with postcodes so there’s a chance it can be returned if stolen and recovered. Bikes should always be locked, even inside the shed and secured to an anchor point.

“Locks should be used on garden gates and no items left lying round the garden. It should be noted that thieves can go on to use loose tools to commit other crime such as burglary.

“Shed bars and alarms are also an effective crime prevention tool and can be purchased at DIY stores relatively inexpensively.”

Councillor Tracey Dixon, Lead Member for Area Management and Community Safety, said: “Protecting our residents and reducing the fear of crime is very important to us.
“Im delighted that we are able to provide people with crime prevention measures such as these signs through Safer South Tyneside funding.
“I hope that they prove an effective deterrent to would-be burglars.”
Further crime prevention advice is available on the Northumbria Police website,

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