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Merseyside: Drivers urged to slow down and keep their distance during torrential rain

September 24, 2012, 3:37 pm

Motorists are being urged to reduce their speed and increase their distance during rush hour this evening as heavy rain continues to fall in Merseyside.
A number of roads in the county have flooded and there are large amounts of surface water on many more. Several A-roads in west Wirral have been particulary badly affected.
Police officers are working with other emergency services, the Highways Agency and local authority highways departments to deal with incidents when they occur.
Inspector Joe Danher from the force’s roads policing department said keeping speed down and increasing braking distances between vehicles was crucial to drivers staying safe this evening.
He said: “Visibility has been very poor for much of the day and will only get worse as more cars go onto the roads for rush hour. In such bad visibility, it is important that people keep their speed down and give themselves plenty of time and space from the car in front in case they have to brake suddenty.
“People should be particularly careful if they are traveling home on the motorways and busy main roads tonight as surface water can easily catch you by surprise and people tend to stamp on the brakes or swerve erratically to avoid it and can then lose control.
“My advice would be to slow right down, keep to a steady speed and keep a safe distance from the car infront so that you have plenty of time to deal with any hazards.
“The police are working with the other emergency services and the Highways Agency to close roads that are flooded and to divert traffic along safer routes. Motorists can play their part by leaving plenty of time to complete their journey, check weather and road conditions before they leave, and remain patient if they do hit delays.”
The Highways Agency offers a number of services to help people make decisions about their journeys. Up-to-date information on road conditions on England’s motorways and trunk roads is available on the Agency website at or by calling 0300 123 5000. For information on weather conditions, visit the Met Office website listen to local radio.

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