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Ten Charged with robbery

September 17, 2012, 9:00 am

On Saturday 15 September officers from the Flying Squad investigating a series of robberies on jewellers in the north east London area arrested ten men in Turnpike Lane, N8.

During the evening of Sunday 16 September and the early hours of Monday 17 September, they have all been charged with conspiracy to commit robbery. They are:

[A] Marius Andrei Barbus,
[B] Constantin Daniel Irina,
[C] Ovidiu Gabor,
[D] Vasile Alexandru Bataraga,
[E] Iulian Roman,
[F] Ioan Gavrilut,
[G] Gheorghe Macovei,
[H] Puiu-danut Paunescu,
[I] Iulian Culba,
[J] Catlin Paise,

They are all of no fixed abode.

They are all remanded in custody to appear to Thames Magistrates’ Court today, Monday 17 September.

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