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Kent Police: Cash in transit robbery

September 19, 2012, 12:12 pm

Kent Police was called at just after 11.50am today 19 September 2012 to a report of a cash in transit robbery at a petrol station inCuxton Road, Rochester.

It was reported that a weapon had been seen and firearms officers were deployed.

Witnesses reported two offenders who left the location at 12.00 noon. They were white men with dark tracksuit bottoms, and dark hooded tops. They were both wearing balaclavas.

The Kent and Essex helicopter was sent to the area to assist officers on the ground.

Officers are still at the scene determining what has happened, and making enquiries in the area to locate the two men. Police dogs are also assisting.

No shots are reported to have been fired and no one has been injured.

It is believed the men left the area via the entrance to Knight Road business park, or through a fence which has been broken during the incident at the back of the petrol station (there is a train line at the rear of the property).

The petrol station is currently sealed off.

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