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3 Men jailed for total of 32 years for after cars stolen in Manchester

September 21, 2012, 5:11 pm

Three men have been sentenced to a total of nearly 32 years after a number of cars were stolen in Manchester.

Ryan Griffin (17/03/1985) of Crown Street, Failsworth, pleaded guilty to six counts of robbery, Joseph Baillie (19/05/1984) of Keyhaven Walk, Collyhurst, pleaded guilty to five counts of robbery and Christopher Howell (25/06/1984) of Printon Avenue, Blakley, pleaded guilty to three counts of robbery.

Griffin was jailed for 12 years with a four year extended licence, Baillie was jailed for 10-and-a-half years with four and a half years extended licence while Howell was imprisoned for nine years with an extended five year licence.

All were also jailed for three years for carrying bladed articles, namely a machete and a meat cleaver, to run concurrently.

The first happened on Wednesday 11 January, 2012, at 6.05pm on Dale Street car park. The victim was putting bags in the back of his Audi A4 when he was approached by three men.

He was hit at the back of the head by one of the robbers and they demanded his keys. He managed to throw them in a nearby canal before they made off with the bags and personal property.

At 5.35pm on Friday 13 January, a victim was getting inside his Audi A4 at Great Jackson Street car park when three men approached him and demanded his car keys. He was punched in the face and one man holding a paving slab, pretended to drop it on his head.

They took the keys and drove off.

At 6pm on Sunday 15 January, the victim had stopped his Audi A5 on Dawson Road, Hyde when a man holding a knife approached and demanded he got out.

He attempted to drive off and saw a second man holding an axe, hitting his rear window.

The front window was then smashed before the victim got out and the men drove off.

At 5.25pm on 30 January 2012, a 58-year-old victim was getting into his BMW 7 Series on Cross Keys Street when he was approached and threatened with a meat cleaver. He was told to hand over his wallet and car keys before he refused. He was then dragged from his car, punched in the head and kicked in the body before the keys were stolen and the car was driven off.

At 6.30pm the same day, a 34-year-old woman had finished work and had walked to her Audi A3 that was parked on Stable Street, Hollinwood. She was approached from behind and grabbed, before they demanded they handed her the keys. Her handbag was taken before the car was driven off.

At 6.15pm on 31 January 2012, a 34-year-old man had finished work and was walking back to his VW Golf that was in a car park on Faber Street, Strangeways. He saw a silver Audi being driven at speed towards him. When it stopped, two men got out and threatened him with a meat cleaver, placing it to his head before his car was stolen.

On 1 February 2012, officers noticed an Audi that had been stolen on Stable Street parked on Eggington Street and saw all three changing the number plates of the car. All three were arrested, during which Griffin threatened a police officer with a meat cleaver. He was tasered before his arrest.

Detective Constable Paul Shacklady from North Manchester CID said: ⿿All three men showed extreme aggression when they targeted their victim⿿s and understandably they were terrified and fearing for their safety. The fact that one victim had a meat cleaver held to his head just proves how violent and dangerous these men are.

⿿Even when making arrests, Griffin threatened an officer with a meat cleaver and held a machete in his other hand.

⿿Thankfully, these men have been taken off our streets and the substantial sentences they have been given reflect the very serious nature of the crimes they have committed.⿝

Judge Martin Rudland said: ⿿These crimes were deeply shocking with a vicious disregarding of the victims. They were well-equipped and ruthless. They used chilling threats, committed in the hours of darkness to maximise disorientation.

⿿The victims were seriously affected by what they did and no doubt still are. I have had to consider the serious threat to the public.

⿿This was good coppering, good police work which the community of Manchester should be grateful for.⿝

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