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Essex: Raid on nightclub in Southend

September 24, 2012, 10:41 am

Police officers carried out an operation in Southend on Friday, September 21, 2012 to prevent and deter suspected drug dealing at Mayhem night club in the town centre.

Officers quickly contained the premises and searched staff and customers. A quantitiy of drugs in pill form was found inside the premises. Dogs specially trained to sniff out drugs found several positive results on people as they left, but no drugs were found.

The police investigation continues, as officers seized several weeks of CCTV footage and will review that in detail to see if there is evidence of dealing.

Police carried out the operation on the basis of intelligence of drug dealing believed to be taking place at the club for some time, and will now consider whether there should be approaches made regarding the clubs licence.

Superintendent Andy Prophet, the area police commander, said: “This operation is the start of a major crackdown on drug dealing and associated crime by a small minority of people using clubs and bars for their trade.

“Police will use every method available to us to get information to arrest and prosecute dealers. We will work with clubs and bars, but where they are lax or tolerant of dealing, we will ensure compliance with licensing rules. I want to ensure that any resident or visitor to Southend can enjoy a drug and crime free night out in our town.

”I recognise that we caused inconvenience and perhaps dismay to the vast majority of the hundreds of entirely innocent clubbers present. I would apologise to them, and thank them all for their patience and understanding.

“I regret that that sometimes policing causes problems for innocent people, but I know too from comments made to officers, that people appreciate what has to be done to stop that small criminal minority ruining the great nightlife we have here.”

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