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Major Incident Declared Due to Weather Conditions.

September 25, 2012, 11:56 am

Cleveland Police and other emergency services have declared a major incident due to the extreme weather conditions. The safety of the public is paramount and our aim is to monitor weather conditions and forecasts, and take action as appropriate.

Around 29 properties in Hartburn, Stockton, have been evacuated by the emergency services as water levels rose to around 4 feet -with levels expected to rise throughout the day.  Many residents have gone to a local community centre for shelter.

Although some householders were required to evacuate by officials, we request that others who self-evacuated before police arrived to contact Cleveland Police with their details so that all people and properties are accounted for.

Other areas within the Cleveland Force remit remain at risk of flooding.  These include Yarm, Eston and others which are near to water courses.

We have not received information that anyone has suffered injuries related to the weather or any flooding.

Police are receiving a large number of calls from the public, asking for practical help eg provision of sandbags.  We would stress that we have no capability to help with this, however many local DIY stores stock sandbags.

Residents can also check the Environment Agency website for advice on putting flood plans into place in a bid to protect their homes and property.

Motorists are also requested to avoid going into Yarm town centre as a burst drain is causing traffic congestion and police are turning vehicles back.

More information will be released when available.

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