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Relentless on Bristol’s burglars

September 19, 2012, 1:46 pm

On Tuesday police officers working as part of Operation Relentless arrested two men who were wanted for a number of burglaries and handbag thefts in the city.

Inspector Steve Appleton said: “This was a great arrest and has taken two of the city’s most wanted thieves off the streets of Bristol.”

“Two of our officers were on patrol in a known burglary hotspot area and spotted the two wanted men walking along the street. They attempted to stop them but realising they were about to be arrested the criminals attempted to run away from officers.

Two officers persued the offenders on foot, even when they went into residents back gardens and across hedges, before finally catching up with them and arresting them both.

Whilst under arrest both men were also linked to a burglary at a city museum the day before their arrest. Both men tested positive for drugs in custody.

Inspector Appleton continued: “Thanks to the eagle-eyes and quick feet of our officers these men now safely behind bars. They were clearly on a crime-spree motivated by their need for drugs and wouldn’t have stopped until they were caught.”

“We hope that this sends a strong message to thieves operating in the city we will be relentless in targeting you and putting you before the courts to answer for your crime.”

Operation Relentless is run by Avon and Somerset Police to target the issues that communities tell us matter most to them. This Autumn we are relentlessly pursuing burglars and thieves operating in your area.

Operation Relentless – Keeping you safe

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