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Two men arrested in connection with the rape on a teenage boy have been bailed

August 29, 2012, 9:30 am

Two men arrested in connection with the rape on a teenage boy in Manchester city centre have been bailed.

The men, aged 55 and 41-years-old, were arrested on suspicious of rape on Friday 24 August 2012, were released on bail until 4 October 2012.

At about 5.45pm on Saturday 2 June 2012, the 14-year-old boy was in the Arndale centre, near the entrance of Aldi and Subway, when he went to the toilets.

While there he was approached by two men who stared at him. One of them said to him “come with us, do what we say and if you try to run we’ll get you.” He was then led out of the Arndale centre and taken to nearby Debenhams.

He was then taken by the lift upstairs and was marched to a toilet where he was raped.

Superintendent Stuart Ellison said: “The fact we have released these men on bail should not be seen as too significant.

“Our inquiries are progressing well and we have been overwhelmed by the response from members of the public.

“Quite rightly everyone felt a sense of shock and disgust when we put the details and images out last week. We share those feelings and remain as committed as ever to bringing the offenders to justice.

“We are continuing to act on all the information we have received and should there be any further developments in this ongoing inquiry we will keep people informed.”

Anyone with information is asked to call North Manchester CID on 0161 856 3240 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Greater Manchester is nationally recognised as a model of good practice in terms of support services available to victims.
– If you or someone you know has been raped or sexually assaulted, we encourage you not to suffer in silence and report it to the police or a support agency so you can get the help and support available.

– You can call Greater Manchester Police on 101, or alternatively people can refer themselves to St Mary⿿s Sexual Assault Referral Centre on 0161 276 6515.

– St Mary’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre in Manchester provides a comprehensive and coordinated forensic, counselling and medical aftercare service to anyone in
Greater Manchester who has experienced rape or sexual assault. Services are available on a 24-hour basis and people can access them either as a self-referral or via Greater Manchester Police.

– Manchester Rape Crisis is a confidential support service run by women for women and girls who have been raped or sexually abused. Confidential helpline: 0161 273 4500. Black and Minority Ethnic helpline: 0161 273 4514.

– Survivors Manchester offers support and counselling for adult male survivors of sexual abuse and rape, regardless of when the event happened. Contact 07919 246 267.

Contact Crimestoppers anonymously with information about crime

101 – The police non-emergency number

101 is the number to call when you want to contact your local police in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland – when it’s less urgent than a 999 call.
Find out more information about 101 by following this link.

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