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A man has been jailed for stabbing a police officer in the side of his chest with a screwdriver

August 29, 2012, 11:04 am

A man has been jailed for stabbing a police officer in the side of his chest with a screwdriver.

Shaughan Ryan Boardman, born 18/03/1988, of Priory Place, Tonge Moor, pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing of section 47 Assault on a police officer, assaulting a further police officer and taking without the owners consent two motorcycles.

He was sentenced today, Wednesday 29 August 29 2012,  at Bolton Crown Court to 12 months imprisonment.

At about 10.55pm on Monday 14 May 2012, a man reported his Yamaha motorbike stolen from outside his house on Darwen Road, Bolton.

Around the same time police received a call that two men had been seen pushing motorbikes near to the bus terminus on Eagley Way, Bromley Cross.

Officers were sent to the scene, among them plain-clothed officers from the Bolton Task Force who were in the area at the time. They found two abandoned bikes that looked they had been concealed.

They began to search the area and noticed a small silver car being driven down Eagley Way towards where the bikes were hidden out of sight.

Two men were then seen ducking down behind the bus stop so two officers jogged over to them. They found two men, including Boardman, crouched over the motorcycles.

Immediately identifying themselves as police officers, they ran over to the suspects, both of whom tried to run off, but Boardman was detained.

One of the officers grabbed him as he ran passed but he saw something red in Boardman’s right hand as he lunged at him, striking him just below the waist, hitting his body armour.

He then thrust at him again, stabbing him near his armpit.

Other officers arrived at the scene and helped arrest Boardman. He was found to have a red-handled flat-head screwdriver. The injured officer was taken to hospital where he had treatment to a cut to his side.

The second man got away and remains outstanding.

Detective Constable Stuart Round, of Bolton CID, said: “This case demonstrates the dangers faced by police officers who are just trying to their job in their communities.

“There was some excellent police work to get officers to the position where they could confront these thieves, but they were soon confronted by a man who was prepared to use whatever means necessary to escape.

“Thankfully the officer’s body armour did the job it was designed for and prevented a more serious injury and he has been able to make a full recovery.”

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